My Services: Freelancing for money in a variety of ways

While I do have a few outstanding applications out for gigs in Philadelphia, I am halting my aggressive hawking of myself: this professional writer is going from “unemployed journalist” to “freelance journalist.”

The only difference is an occasional paycheck and less sympathy from family and friends.

Though I like the idea of the stability and requisite health insurance that comes with permanent work, I am resigning myself to trying to find regular work on my own in a region currently unfriendly to young media aspirants, amid tonight’s announcement that more layoffs are coming at the city’s two largest daily newspapers, part of this country’s continued newspaper bubble burst.

To prove I am taking this seriously, I went and added a fresh new page on, Web self-promotion.

Here’s to introducing Chris Wink’s Services.

See more details for my below work focuses on my Service page. More importantly, expect more detailed roll-outs for a few of these less obvious items.

  • Freelance Writing: See my portfolio here.
  • Multimedia Production: See some examples here.
  • Grant Writing
  • Editing
  • Web design for Journalists
  • Speaking: See some examples here.
  • Storytelling
  • English Tutoring
  • Web promotion
  • Photography*

Any other ways I can monetize myself? Have I reached a new low?

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