Young, new media writer and journalist looking for Philadelphia accommodations: a cover letter

Somebody hire me.

I have returned from more than a month of backpacking Europe and travel podcasting at

Now I am excited to put all I have learned to work in one of the world’s great cities. So, here’s my idealistic plea.

I want challenging work in Philadelphia; work that requires me to write about, learn and explore this city and the people living in it. I want to live in it too, riding my bicycle and SEPTA and eating water ice the whole while. Oh, and let’s get one of those 44 million uninsured Americans on the right path.

See my resume here; check my portfolio.

If you know of something, contact me. Even if you just have a suggestion or some advice, or if your grandmother’s neighbor once freelanced for TV Guide. While I have applied for a few opportunities, believe me, I am open to others.

Want to know more read on.

I am reaching out to the contacts I’ve developed in this aged metropolis, applying for positions I’ve found online and those that haven’t yet been offered, but I’m putting the word out to you also. Times are tough, but, if you can, help a kid out. Nahmean?

So, newspapers, media companies, government, legislators, nonprofits, research groups, Hell, businesses, if you need someone who can write, enjoys it, and has worked with the Inquirer, the Philadelphia Business Journal, appeared in more than a half dozen other publications, and covered state government – holler at me.

I graduated from Temple University in May with honors and a degree in political science. I was the commencement speaker; I tell jokes and do not hesitate to do the dishes. I researched with the Committee of Seventy for seven months and worked with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition against Hunger for a semester. I spent a year on a 60-page thesis on the city’s Republican Party. I blog like a crazy person and just finished travel blogging and podcasting during more than a month-long backpacking trip of Europe at I have the complete young journalist’s tool box!

Lemme bite a graf from a cover letter I wrote the other day, so I sound professional:

If it’s business, government, politics, the work of its nonprofits, communities of every different age and race, I feel already prepared to write thoughtfully and accurately. I blog personally and have professionally in a handful of different circumstances. I love this age of new media, evident by the past month I chose to daily film and cut video and audio to advise other hopeful young travelers about saving money in a costly continent.

Currently accepting bids.

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