My Life To-do List: A Web site to chronicle my obsession was always meant to be my professional Web site, where I blogged about the interests and experiences that involve being a young journalist today. I decided I needed a place to display my more personal experiences, particularly pursuing My Life To Do List. I am announcing the soft launch of that site today.

When I was 13, I sat down in my bedroom of my parents’ home in rural northwest New Jersey and I composed a list of 26 things I had to do before I died.

From time to time, I have updated it, so that the list, now in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, is a more than 300-item syllabus for my life. It still governs the choices I make and experiences I want to have. It’s where my money goes and dreams lead.

So, if you’re hear for the chronicles of a young journalist, tips and advice, then stay here. But, I’d love it if you followed both. There I will share all those items I cross off the list, and the many experiences that never made it on the list, but perhaps should have. It is, to steal a line from a friend, a “memoir in motion.”

Still, that site isn’t as developed as I’d like it to be, and it won’t get any better now that I am traveling in Europe, podcasting with We Don’t Speak the Language, even if I will be crossing off plenty of items during the backpacking jaunt.

Nevertheless, stick with both, My Life To-Do List will be a far less regularly updated experience.

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