Slow day in the newsroom: Cherry pit spitting contest

Today, fellow reporters and I had a cherry pit spitting contest and I won.

So, the Pennsylvania state budget for the 2008-2009 fiscal year passed on Friday, so this week has been slow in the state Capitol newsroom. Sometimes you can find coverage, like the Pennsylvnaians who are fighting California wildfires, as I reported yesterday, but other times you can’t.

The Capitol newsroom is shared by a host of reporters from various outlets, all members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents’ Association. When everyone is bored, I hear, sometimes someone finds a fun distraction – though surely more wholesome than the gambling and drinking of the past.

The Patriot-News ran a wire story about a Michigan man who topped some record by spitting a cherry pit more than 56 feet.

So, why wouldn’t we have our own cherry pit spitting contest right in the newsroom?

Mark the line back by the Patriot cubicle, eat a cherry and aim down the main corridor of cubicles – being mindful of the respected John Baer from the Daily News and Brad Bumsted from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, who, as the most senior PLCA member, is the newsroom dean – and let it fly.

1. Christopher Wink, Intern currently serving the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (~30’6″)
2. Tracie Mauriello, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (~25’8″)
3. Charlie Thompson, Harrisburg Patriot-News (~25′)
4. Pete DeCoursey,
5. John Micek, Allentown Morning Call
6. Brad Bumsted, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
7. Steve Miskin, Spokesman for Rep. Sam Smith
8. Amy Worden, Philadelphia Inquirer
9. Matthew Spolar, Intern currently serving Media NewsGroup
10. Jan Murphy, Harrisburg Patriot-News
11. Kari Andren, Intern currently serving the Harrisburg Patriot-News
12. David Spett, Intern currently serving

I may have missed a couple participants, as I was brought in late, but I can confirm that that disappointing last place for David Spett was nothing more than a dribble down his face, less than two feet. In better news, clearly, those central Pennsylvanians around the Patriot-News have done some cherry pit spitting in their day.

That’s the winning pit, my friends, and the cherries, I can assure you, were a fine treat. The real award for an Intern winning a newsroom competition? I got to clean up the other spits.

It’s like that time I went into the newsroom with a mohawk

The listings were updated as per suggested in the second comment below

2 thoughts on “Slow day in the newsroom: Cherry pit spitting contest”

  1. Just for the record…my second attempt at the pit spitting was much better and put me mid-pack, probably between Steve Miskin and Brad Bumsted. Also, I did not lose to poor David and though he gets a special shout-out, I think he should be on the list…for my own confidence if not for a more complete listing. John Micek also came in just behind Pete!

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