Page one, double byline for Philadelphia Business Journal


I shared a byline with staff writer Peter Van Allen on the cover of the Philadelphia Business Journal. I didn’t realize it at first, but, indeed, it is the first time I have ever made it to Page One of any professional publication.

Pretty cool. I’ll see if I can get the entire story posted here as a clip, but, for now, I’ll link to to the story’s beginning, as PBJ is by subscription only.

The Pennsylvania primary that had Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama criss-crossing the state spotlighted Philadelphia in a rare way. Tourism officials sought to capitalize.

Whether it was the CNN truck parked in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the television satellite trucks lined up outside the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia was in the national eye. Both locals and visitors say the resulting free publicity will have a long-term benefit on the city and region.

Read more of Tourism measuring primary effects.

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