The small Hillary Clinton

Caught “La Pequeña Hillary Clinton” on Youtube and thought this Chilean satire says a lot. For one, that finally Latin American is on board with ridiculous, mostly meaningless ridicule of public figures. For another, my Spanish isn’t very strong. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The small Hillary Clinton”

  1. buenisimo!!…soy chileno jajaja y este video es muy buenopara morir de la risaespero que gane hillary clinton aunque ya estoy aburridode este proceso electoral..como va a durar tanto!! mas de un añoque siguen con estoojala no gane obama…traducelo gringo xD

  2. Hey “Chilean” thanks for the comment. For all those non-Spanish speakers, let me, as he or she requested, translate this…
    “Oh goodness. I am Chilean, haha, and I almost died laughing at this video. I hope that clinton gains, although already I am bored by the process..and it is going to last so much longer! but i hope another year doesn’t benefit obama… translate that, you gringo.”

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