Look, another list that criticizes Philadelphia


Well, if there’s anything that media has figured out in this age of failure, it is that lists sell. Particularly lists stacking and ordering cities, something everyone takes pride in, even as people continue to leave them. So it is no surprise that Forbes magazine recently came out with a list ordering cities by a ‘misery’ code.To come to their conclusions Forbes made all sorts of quasi-scientific sounding scales and used all sorts of measures. Yeah.Philadelphia is in the top five, top place went to Detroit.To see the list, complete with the numbers Forbes came up with, check after the jump.The list, from most miserable to a decreasing degree of misery:

1. DetroitMisery Measure 696Commute times 80Income tax rates 87Superfund sites 135Unemployment 149Violent crimes 150Weather 95

2. Stockton, Calif.Misery Measure 689 Commute times 135Income tax rates 130Superfund sites 116Unemployment 144Violent crimes 146Weather 18

3. Flint, Mich.Misery Measure 675 Commute times 83Income tax rates 64Superfund sites 116Unemployment 146Violent crimes 143Weather 123

4. New York CityMisery Measure 668 Commute times 150Income tax rates 150Superfund sites 78Unemployment 99Violent crimes 105Weather 86

5. PhiladelphiaMisery Measure 648 Commute times 132Income tax rates 102Superfund sites 135Unemployment 81Violent crimes 134Weather 64

6. ChicagoMisery Measure 634Commute times 144Income tax rates 35Superfund sites 107Unemployment 108Violent crimes 118Weather 122

7. Los AngelesMisery Measure 632Commute times 132Income tax rates 130Superfund sites 135Unemployment 102Violent crimes 126Weather 7

Dude, Philly can’t even beat New York at being miserable.

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