The professor and the sexpert

hill_m.jpgTemple University’s resident public intellectual, Marc Lamont Hill, who can be seen a whole lot answering the tough and less tough questions on cable news has a (relatively) widely read blog.The reason your sex life sucks? Because you aren’t reading it.

Hill, either the most well known academic this school boasts or the prof who dabbles in pop culture so much that this school hides him, offers his Web site as a forum for Timaree, a former college sex columnist and current Widener University grad student. It is typical shock fare, but sometimes it gets too good to not mention.

Like one from last week, about a question I didn’t entirely understand on a type of intercourse I thought I knew everything about. Yeah, I know, you really ought to check it out here. But, trust me, it’s (verbally?) graphic.

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