01:01: USA Today Journalist Jess Estepa

In the pilot episode of my new weekly podcast The Writing Process, I speak with my dear friend Jess Estepa. She’s a national politics reporter for USA Today.

She also was the first person I called when I wanted to figure out what exactly I wanted to accomplish with this idea of mine. I knew I wanted to capture real lessons on writing from lots of different forms, but I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. Jess patiently let me sort that out.

In this first-ever episode, among the topics, we cover the following:

  • Journalism is a structured writing form that teaches speed and learning by doing.
  • To capture source notes, there are those who curate on spot and those, like Jess, who capture nearly everything during interviews to sort out later.
  • Even a serious politics reporter can find something valuable in lighter fare — like turkeys.

Given that this was my very first interview from way back in January, you’re going to find slightly different forms in future episodes. But Jess is thoughtful enough that her insights broke through my clumsiness in this first go-around.

For my fellow journalism nerds, you can find a bit more of our interview, where we dove more deeply into the journalism stuff here.

Introducing The Writing Process: my new weekly podcast

Today I am announcing a new personal passion project: a weekly podcast conversation with master writers from an array of different forms.

Humans have spoken to each other for maybe 100,000 years (or, uh, a lot longer). But we’ve only had writing for 6,000 of them. We’ve cultivated corn for twice as long.

Even though it’s relatively new, we have lots of forms of writing: from  short stories and novels to journalism and memoir to poems and lyrics and comics and software code. When I talk to friends who are gifted in any of these, I find they listen closely to the Greats in their form. But rarely the Greats from the other forms. That feels like an opportunity.

That’s why I’m launching The Writing Process, a weekly podcast conversation I have with masters from all of the many writing forms. Please subscribe on iTunes or other places podcasts can be found. I’ll also be posting each episode here.

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