You have to be far enough away to be seen: Story Shuffle 8 (Anniversaries)

Another Story Shuffle, this the 8th, the one year anniversary celebration and a theme of Anniversaries, was held in my Fishtown rowhome last week.

I told the story of Voyager II, an un-manned spacecraft sent out 34 years earlier in order to go farther than we ever have before. Like other ships send to deep space, it had to get far enough away so it could be seen, a subject I found fitting for both the space program and our own depiction of ourselves.

Give it a listen below or find all the stories here.

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Wanna have sex in outer space?

040625_jeriryan_vmed_10pwidec.jpgHave you been respecting big media lately and need a reason to not anymore? Do you like learning about sex… and outer space?

If you also want to defend your stance that there are too many research grants offering too much exploration in to too many things, then read on.

See, it seems that NASA has done research into getting down on a rocket, and MSNBC is there to report on it.

Having sex in the weightlessness of outer space is the stuff of urban legends and romantic fantasy — but experts say that there would be definite downsides as well.

Wait, what? Who is fantasizing about having sex in space? The article seems to suggest that this critical line of thinking is backwards because space intimacy is necessary for further, deeper exploration of space. My friends, love will find a way.