While my full-time work rests with, I maintain a limited freelance portfolio of writing, reporting and editing. Contact me here. See my resume here, and my most recent freelance work here.

I am experienced with varied styles of writing, from newspaper, magazine, essay, short-form online, radio and other. Examples of my work in breaking news are available upon request. I am always interested in pursuing freelance or other writing opportunities with all forms of media. I am based in Philadelphia, Pa. but am always open for travel.

I have on-camera, video editing and production, blogging, limited web design and photography experience, as well.

Below see some of my featured clips. Below on the sidebar at right, see a more selected array of my work. Click here to see a sampling of front page reporting. See other newspaper reporting here. See my reporting (and editing) for Technically Philly here.

Featured Clips

Philadelphia magazine | October 2012

Chief Data Officer Mark Headd [Notes]

Forget taking on cigar-smoking political bosses. Philly’s reform movement of the moment is focused online, on letting residents click a link and see how every dime gets spent and each decision is made. Early this fall, Mayor Nutter hired one of the country’s first chief data officers, courting and winning over Mark Headd, once a Delaware state government IT staffer turned well-respected mobile app developer with a national profile and a sterling local reputation…

Temple Review alumni magazine | Summer 2012

How the web shapes campus life [Notes]

Any college student who attended school before Steve Jobs was a household name is well-versed in freshman-year war stories: discovering that an overturned coffee cup drowned a final paper or a typewriter ribbon dried out overnight; camping out on the cold marble floor of an administrative building to ensure enrollment in courses required for graduation…

NEast Philly | July 18, 2011

District 172

A six-month package on the impact of an indicted state representative on a portion of his district in Northeast Philadelphia. Other details here.

Temple Review | Summer 2011

Open Door Policy

That small mobile tool might serve as the perfect example of a movement among more established companies to open up, adapt and lead the next charge of innovation worldwide. Naturally, alumni of the Fox School of Business are in the midst of the zeitgeist.

Technically Philly | January-May 2011


Transparencity is a Technically Philly coverage series on a movement in Philadelphia to increase the availability and use of actionable data and information from government and other institutions and organizations. It launched in January 2011, and I led the initiative, handling all reporting, writing and event organization.

NEast Philly | July 29, 2010

Patrolling with West Frankford Town Watch

Mike Mawson smells something.

It’s past midnight on Comly Street near Bustleton in Mayfair. The sun went down hours ago, but forgot to take this sticky July heat with it. Mawson is riding shotgun in the sensible four-door sedan that his partner Phil Pappas drives. The West Frankford Town Watch patrol was circling around to head back south of Cheltenham Avenue to drive the streets of its namesake neighborhood when Mawson caught a whiff of something off in the still nighttime air.

Philadelphia City Paper | Nov. 26, 2009

A Voice for the Fallen

Chris Bartlett sits down with his egg roll, just as the weekday lunch rush pours into Reading Terminal Market. At 43, this short, fiery gay man with tightly cropped, graying hair and thin, pursed lips, is already something of an elder statesman in Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community.

For nearly two decades, he’s been at the center of just about every gay- and AIDS-related movement to hit this city’s streets.

Read more here.

Philadelphia Wedding | October 2009

View from the aisle: Guest Again

A former girlfriend with a suddenly hyphenated name e-mailed me recently. Buried three paragraphs down, she alerted me to the fact that she was now happily and beautifully married.

Not long before that, I’d received a text message from my first serious girlfriend, a girl who had once drawn hearts on my biology notebook, telling me she now had a child — this before I even knew she had a serious significant someone.

Read more here. | April 22, 2009

Frazier gets his time to shine

“Smokin'” Joe Frazier is still fighting. The former heavyweight champion of the world is 65 now, and his mind isn’t nearly as quick as his fists once were. Read more.


Philadelphia Inquirer | April 15, 2009

Offstage with Pa. Ballet dancers

It was last summer when Brooke Moore figured she and her father had probably scared away a mountain lion.

The deer they discovered was freshly killed, its leg just torn off; there were no bugs and the blood trail was visible. The two didn’t pay it much mind, though, and continued their week long, 85-mile backpacking trek through the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands.

Just another day in the life of a ballerina.

Moore, a soloist with the Pennsylvania Ballet, is one of many in the Philadelphia-based troupe who use their limited time away from the stage to fulfill very distinct needs and passions.

Read the rest here.

Philadelphia Inquirer | Feb.4, 2009

inquirer-020409Why losing a job can hurt men more

Thomas Schuler is a man.

Since October, he also has been without a job, a combination of characteristics that some say comes with distinct disadvantages.

That’s because unemployment affects men differently than women – research shows joblessness often is emotionally harder for men to bear. And with the economy hemorrhaging high numbers of jobs, disproportionately in male-dominated industries, those disparate emotions – shame, anger, fear, vulnerability – are on display more than ever.

“Historically, men have been in the breadwinner role in families, and so their sense of self is wrapped up in their ability to provide,” said Jerry Jacobs, a University of Pennsylvania sociology professor whose research focuses on labor. “So even today, when men are unemployed, that comes as a different kind of blow than to women.”

Read the rest here.


Columbia Journalism Review | Jan. 14, 2009

Once Burned, But Not Shy

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell will be named Sen. Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate, a high-ranking source in the administration told the Patriot-News.

That was my lede after being tricked into believing Rendell was Obama’s No. 2 man by a famed newsroom of top-flight state government correspondents in the Harrisburg state capital… Read more here.

Harrisburg Patriot-News | Aug. 20, 2008

No-fly list keeps pilot grounded, he claims

By Christopher Wink

Erich Scherfen developed a love for flying early. Growing up in New Jersey, he would play outside and watch airplanes fly toward John F. Kennedy Airport.

After military service, he became a commercial airline pilot. Today, the Gulf War veteran is fighting to keep his professional life in the clouds.

He was suspended without pay in April after being placed on a federal watch list.

“My livelihood depends on getting off this list,” Sherfen said.

On behalf of Scherfen and his wife, Rubina Tareen, the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania and attorney Saul Ewing filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court on Tuesday claiming the federal government unfairly placed the Schuylkill County couple on a government list that limits their commercial flight access.

Read More.

Philadelphia Inquirer | July 29, 2008

Gadflies wage guerrilla war in Harrisburg

By Christopher Wink

HARRISBURG – They call themselves, simply, “the Coalition.”

They are an informal group of about a half-dozen citizen activists – most of them middle-aged men from Central Pennsylvania – who spend their time waging a grassroots war for governmental change in the Capitol.

Each member of the group’s cast of characters has his own political persuasion and priorities – not to mention colorful turns of phrase and memorable props to enliven the good-government message…

Read more.

Philadelphia Inquirer | July 22, 2008

Legislator beset by reform movement

By Christopher Wink

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Babette Josephs came to the Capitol in 1985 vowing to be a voice for “people who have no voice.” For years, the Center City liberal waged a lonely fight against the pervading conservatism in the General Assembly.

In 2007, after Democrats took control of the House, Josephs ascended to a powerful new role: chairwoman of the State Government Committee, the panel charged with considering legislation related to government operations.

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Philadelphia Weekly | July 2, 2008

Father Figure

By Christopher Wink

There are saints and prophets on all corners of Philadelphia, but on the 1400 block of North 11th Street few are Catholic and even fewer are Irish. So 50-year-old Father Kevin Lawrence, with a hardy laugh and soft, precise speech, might seem out of place—if he weren’t taking over for another Irish Catholic.

In fact, the future of one of the most dynamic and independent parishes in the Philadelphia Archdiocese rests in Lawrence’s hands. Yet the only thing anyone seems concerned about is that Lawrence doesn’t write poetry. That’s because Lawrence is replacing St. Malachy’s Father John McNamee, a North Philadelphia icon.

Read more.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | June 10, 2008

‘Essential’ state employees will be paid

By Christopher Wink

HARRISBURG — Nearly all state employees termed “essential” would be paid even if there is no budget in place after the June 30 deadline, a treasury department official said today.

The testimony from Leo Pandeladis, chief counsel of the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury, came in response to questions about Senate-passed legislation that would term all state workers essential in a budget impasse…

Read more.

Philadelphia Business Journal | May 16, 2008

Delaware County college builds tech and science centers

Delaware County Community College has launched $60 million in renovation and new construction to better outfit its Marple Township campus for science, technology engineering and math programs by 2009.

The community college broke ground on a 105,000-square-foot science building and a 32,000-square-foot technical building on April 18. Its mission is to reconnect students with a regional business community increasingly in need of skilled labor... Read more.

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