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Christopher Wink is a journalist who cofounded, the network of local technology news sites.

Biography: (2015 headshot here; 2014 here; 2013 here)

Christopher Wink is the cofounder and Editorial Director of, a network of local technology news sites and events, featuring its flagship Technically Philly and sister publications in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Delaware. In that capacity, he is a lead organizer of Philly Tech Week and Baltimore Innovation Week, among other events that bring smart people together. Previously, he worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter. He writes frequently about media and entrepreneurship on his personal blog at and tweets @christopherwink. The Temple University alumnus is a bicycle commuter and resident of the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

christopher wink constitutiion center

Moderating a panel on web privacy, at the National Constitution Center in January 2012, as broadcasted on CSPAN2.

I grew up in northwest New Jersey, a rural community quickly incorporating an intensifying suburban expansion, protected by a kind family of warmth and privilege. My studies at Temple University brought me to Philadelphia, a big urban city with a complex of defeatism and ten million other reasons for the young and curious to devote themselves to it. I have intense interest in government, urban politics, travel, and stories of community and humanity. In my youth, I studied in West Africa, lived in Japan, and traveled through Eastern China and Western Europe, all on my own, with pen in hand and eyes wide open. Read about other experiences here.

Site History:

  • V 1.0: I first bought sometime in 2005, built a simple site using Dreamweaver before struggling to find a reason why and letting it lapse.
  • V 2.0: I bought again and forwarded it to a blog I launched on Dec. 3, 2007  to leave a footprint in what was the always expanding Internet community.
  • V 3.0: During the first week of July 2009, I moved that blog content from to an independently-hosted version.
  • V 3.5: In September 2013, I updated my WordPress theme for the first time, opting for a simpler, responsive platform with more flexible posting options.
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