My elevator pitch: what's yours?

Has anyone ever successfully used an elevator pitch?

I don’t know if I believe preparing a 15-second statement about myself in preparation for when a professional idol, mentor or potential employer-of-my-dream-job asks for it, perhaps in an elevator, is really anything more than HR lingo.

But I took three minutes to make one anyway. Why don’t you?
It’s like a mental resume or even business cards, I suppose. You have one because it really doesn’t hurt and it really might help.

There’s no shortage of people with advice on the elevator pitch. I never much thought journalists needed one, but I recently read a top-notch review post on what journalists need if they’re even passively looking for that job they want.

So, not wanting to spend too much time on it, I used an automatically generating pitch Web site and created this:

My name is Christopher Wink and I am a freelance journalist and blogger from Philadelphia specializing in multimedia. I want to tell stories on every platform available. If there is a new medium or style or story, I’ll try it and want to master it. I love the history and tradition of journalism, particularly newspapers, and want to merge that with the future of multimedia. Help me do that.

I think the fear in these ditties are either seeming too boring or too arrogant. Mine is most certainly teetering on the former, with perhaps a hint of the latter. What is yours? Is this another waste of our time?

Photo from Netzkobold.