My post-graduate plans resolved… for now

Update: Read a review of my PLCA internship experience here.

IT WAS EARLY MARCH that I applied for a summer internship covering the Harrisburg, Pa. statehouse for a handful of urban dailies.

The internship is with the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents’ Association*, the oldest continuously operating journalism society in the country.

Well, after an interview in Harrisburg three weeks ago, I am happy to report that I was offered the gig on Monday and accepted it yesterday.

It is a 12-week program paying $500 a week. Interns spend two- or three-week rotations writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer (350,000 circulation) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (214,000 circulation) Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa., 109,000 circulation)) and The Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

It is an opportunity to cover and learn a great deal about the state government, while not facing the permanence I am not convinced I should undertake at my young age and in my relatively privileged state. So, come September I will be free to do some traveling, after proving to a potential employer that I was able to get a position right after graduation.

Indeed, this has been a week of big announcements, starting with my being named Temple’s commencement speaker here in the last week of my college career.

*Amended 9/6/08 4:32 P.M.

Last week of my college career

CAN YOU BELIEVE that today marks the beginning of the last week of my college career.

The transition already has begun, considering today, Wednesday and Friday I will be reporting for the Philadelphia Business Journal. Still, there is no questioning this week will take on some added meaning.

On May 22, I will get to add my own face to stock photography of college graduates, hoozah.

I am also excited to add that, for that May 22 graduation for the Class of 2008 of Temple University, I have been named commencement speaker, a great honor, indeed.

After this week, lot’s of excitement will continue throughout May, all leading up to my final act as a Temple student. A strange feeling, to be sure.