How to set up a freelancing sole proprietorship

Suppose you’re freelancing, and you want to do things real legal like — with the tax season on your mind.

If only for ease on your taxes, it’s my limited experience and what others have contended that you ought to set up your own business.

It doesn’t come with any liability or branding protection, but a simple sole proprietorship can do you just fine — it has for me for more than a year. As is sometimes the motivation for content here, I was asked enough times by others about what that means and one makes it happen.

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A freelancer needs a niche to survive

Of course they do.

Because just like news organizations, the niche pays and the general does not.

I’m not writing this from experience, of course, because as a young freelance journalist, it’s nothing I’ve developed. But, in more than a half year, I have at least learned that any freelance writer, journalist, Web developer, grant writer or anyone else who gets their own work independently must develop an area of focus and attention.

I don’t know Jen A. Miller much at all, but the still young though experienced freelance journalist is developing herself as a byline quite synonymous with the Jersey Shore.

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The pros and cons of my freelancing career

It’s important to know why we freelance. Knowing what’s good and what’s bad helps you decide if this crummy world is where you want to be.

First, the reasons I love freelancing. Pros:

  • No alarm clocks
  • No commute
  • Make your own schedule
  • Choose your assignments
  • Writing off part of rent, utilities and other expenses
  • Learn to challenge and motive oneself
  • Develop a richer collection of sources
  • The value of developing small-business skills
  • Working for various publications
  • Work on side projects
  • I always look forward to the next day

Below, see some of the reasons I’ve found someone might not want to freelance.

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