Afrofuturism essay collection and editors


Afrofuturism was coined in 1993, is entrenched in pan-African history but has everything to do with the future. Our overlooking digital access and equity is a newer part of an old conversation: Imagining a future of state of joy and justice.

That’s from the 2015 essay collection edited by Reynaldo Anderson and Charles Earl Jones entitled “Afrofuturism 2.0: The Rise of Astro-Blackness.”

Below I share a few notes for future reference.

My notes:

  • Afrofuturism was coined in 1993 (by Mark Dery)
  • The text-only web was hoped to bring true race-less meritocracy, which ignored the digital divide that was there from beginning
  • Alondra Nelson: That “race and gender distinctions would be a eliminated with technology was perhaps the founding fiction of the digital age”
  • “Astro blackness is an Afro futuristic concept in which a person‘s black state of consciousness, released from the confining and crippling, slave, or colonial mentality, becomes aware of the multitude, and varied possibilities and probabilities within the universe”
  • Alondra Nelson, agrofuturisn is about “things to come” and Kwodo Eshun “the histories of counter-futures”
  • The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto
  • “Afrofuturusm is now a pan-African project”
  • Stemming from afrofuturusn 2.0 discussed at Alien Bodies conference at Emory university in 2013
  • Philadelphia Afrofuturust Affair founder Rasheedah Phillips
  • Sun Ra Black Man in the Cosmos
  • James Stewart scholar that early pushed science and technology should be added to black and Africans studies
  • Octavia Butler 1979 Kindred science fiction and neo slave

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