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My 2023 Resolutions

My 2022 had its challenges and macroeconomic complexity threatens to make 2023 harder still.

Call me naive then but I maintain that it will be difficult to surpass the crush that was 2020, and even the daze that was 2021. I am optimistic that even if 2023 features a recession it will be a painful part of the journey out of this pandemic.

That attitude shines through in my resolutions for next year. I have two kids, new hobbies and a very different business than I had in 2019.

In recent years, I recognize many behaviors, habits and activities that were once resolutions become part of me — and no longer need the distinction of being a resolution. As such, though it wont appear on my list below, I’m going to read a lot of books, stretch and exercise everyday, limit my alcohol (but still sharpen my cocktail skill and whiskey palette) and increase my water intake; I’m going to tinker on my piano and maybe finally learn a song on the guitar. I’ll garden and cook and dance and host a neighborhood block party and continue the endless modern pursuit of owning less stuff.

My resolutions are something different. These are the new behaviors and big goals I’m committing to reaching.

Here they are:

  • Average Under 2k daily calories (January): I’ve tracked my drinking for years, and that shaped my habits. My calorie intake is more important for my health now so I’ll track it to shape my habits.
  • Establish a new personal finance strategy (February): Boy have I recognized just how much my portfolio was responsive to the low interest rate economy that I came of age in. I haven’t come to terms with what I think happens next and how my behaviors should change. Bonds!? High-yield savings emergency fund? Value-focused index funds!?
  • Sell My Book (March): I spent a year on a book proposal, getting an agent and learning the landscape. Im giving it my all to sell the darn thing, or to otherwise move forward.
  • Transfer Generocity (April): I’ve published this thoughtful nonprofit news news sector news site for more than 7 years. The pandemic made it clear how much more focus I need to have on, so now that I’ve identified a successor I’m working to make a transition.
  • Sidewalk Sale (May): This charming neighborhood event (which my wife helps coordinate) has become a deadline to fulfill at least a couple goals: progress a little houseplant-reselling business I’m using to introduce my kid(s) to entrepreneurship, and I always have more personal clutter to remove.
  • Produce a Video with 10k views (June): I’m determined to give short form video a real go so I’m striving to produce near daily videos with at least one cracking 10k views
  • Develop a bet on what AI means for my company and career (July): I’ve reported on, read and experimented with AI tools for years but this is feeling increasingly close. My early hunch is people relationships and trust become more valuable but I want to develop an opinion about what near-zero cost intelligence (and energy?) would mean for my work.
  • Write my book upon selling it (August): whether or not I sell this thing, I will produce some version of it next year.
  • Get on a Plane Again (September): or some kind of travel as kids should be in a better place. If I get pushback boy could I settle for monthly-plus date nights?
  • Establish the Kids Room (October): with a couple kids I have another big necessary house project on my plate.
  • Establish an “integrator” (November): I want to be as close as possible to having a COO-type leader at my org to ensure I’m doing more of my best work!
  • Profitable Business (December): still climbing out of the pandemic this will remain a resolution until this becomes commonplace. A year with a recession should make this challenging again!

Those are some serious commitments!

Maybe I should have a few more fun experiences — like that forearm course with Patrick. Regardless I’m proud of my goals!

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