penn treaty park selfie with baby

My resolutions for 2021

Self-deception or not, I am an active participant in an annual reset. I personally appreciate taking a break, evaluating my goals and setting new ones for the next.

I hold some personal truths close, but I share annual resolutions each year. Even, or perhaps especially, after the very strange 2020, I am quite ready for 2021. Like you, I spent most of 2020 locked down at home or wearing a mask — as depicted above while walking my newborn daughter through a favorite nearby park. This will continue for what seems much of 2021. I suppose now I’m better prepared for it.

Here’s what I what I plan to accomplish this year:

  • January: Establish a dope home office space next line
  • Invest in Black business (February): My company will be further supporting Black-owned companies, but I intend to find more meaningful personal ways than just simple purchases.
  • Send my personal newsletter monthly (March): This year really disrupted my monthly-ish personal message. Subscribe here!
  • Assess my environmental impact (April): Passingly I’ve tried to contribute positively to my carbon footprint in various ways but I’d like to further assess.
  • Retire from long-held roles (May): I will plan to step away as primary lead organizer for Philly Tech Week and as the chair of the Workshop School.
  • Try new healthy habits (June): I am going to try a ‘sober January’ and keep a food journal to count calories that month, following a sedentary lockdown. I am also pledging to break-a-sweat in exercise three times a week and go to bed by 10:30 PM most nights.
  • Establish myself as a company culture expert and share that work (July): I’ve done a considerable amount of interviewing, reporting and researching trends in organizational culture and dynamics. I want to share this learning via writing, speaking and at my own work experience, like establishing a new remote-friendly office.
  • Forgo company leadership empower others on my team as I take on other new challenges (August): I want to continue to cede leadership to others at my organization.
  • Produce at least one video with more than 1,000 views (September): I’ve done quite a bit of video interviewing and posting in 2020. I want to invest further, get better and find an audience.
  • Celebrate the end of a pandemic (October): Is this still too optimistic? I want to find a real way to celebrate the end. Is travel allowed? Are parties and crowded bars viable? I hope. Find some way.
  • Find publishing next steps (November): I want to put time into understanding what is the most sensible next step in contributing sa larger piece of knowledge, like book or course format — fiction or nonfiction, as I’ve learned.
  • Show a profitable company (December): 2020 was challenging. I must strive for growing the sustainability and therefore profitability of my company to extend our work

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