How to contribute to your community during covid-19

We are living through a pandemic. Someday I am going to look back and question if I did enough.

To be clear, no, almost certainly, no I have not and will not do enough. But I did want to push myself to gather what I have done. Perhaps it might be good for each of us to challenge ourselves on what more we could be doing in this strange war-time.

I am scrambling, both professionally and personally. In the last few weeks I have begun to get a handle on this new speed and fast moving consequences. That’s given me a chance to poke my head out and self-assess as to how I’m contributing positively. It’s small, but it’s a start.

  • I donated blood on Wednesday with the Red Cross at a church near my home
  • I donated (and ran a bit of a fundraiser) for the Pen and Pencil Club, which like all bars and restaurants is closed and struggling to maintain the costs it does have. It was part of the City-wide Citywide led by Stephanie Farr. (As depicted above)
  • SACMW and I are trying to routinely get takeout from neighborhood restaurants trying to stay open
  • I am holding layoffs at my company, as I’ve announced. (That’s going to use its own post)
  • Though I always garden, this year I took a Victory Garden approach, expanding my vegetable variety and starting earlier from seeds.
  • I am staying the hell home to try to flatten this curve of ours

More has to be done.

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