Nobody wants to follow someone who made General in Peacetime: notes from Tribes by Seth Godin

I had read other books by popular marketer Seth Godin (I was a regular reader back in 2009). But not one of his best known, one most aligned with work I do, his 2008 Tribes.

A friend (thanks Kristin!) handed me a copy last year and told me to get it done already. Godin is so ubiquitous in web circles that I stopped pursuing his work. I do respect his perspective and approach; I just expect to come across it from his passionate follower base. I supposed a friend handing me the book was just that.

I read it in a weekend last fall, and I just came across the notes I wrote down for myself. Below find them.

  • The modern challenge of marketing is to get casual fans into passionate ones that will spread your message.
  • Of rallying an alternate SXSW party via Twitter, it didn’t take four minutes, it took four years of relationship building that was then activated on a social platform.
  • The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest thing is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.
  • Fight the Peter Principle in reviews by really discovering what people want and where they can be best supported.
  • Nobody worth following wants to make General in peacetime. This is a paraphrasing but it sticks with me.
  • A thermometer tells you something is wrong. A thermostat can do something about it.
  • What is your company’s manifesto? What does the team believe that your followers will too?
  • Give people a story they believe themselves
  • My takeaway: your tribe is always leaking so you must work to maintain

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