Miami founder Michael Hall interviewed me for his 2Techies video podcast.

Watch my appearance on the 2Techies podcast

I first met Miami founder Michael Hall in early 2016 when I reported a feature on and hosted an event with the entrepreneurship community there. Since then, I’ve spent time with him a handful of times, at SXSW, over dinner and during another pair of trips I made to Miami.

He’s a charming and humble explorer in his and other startup communities, friendly enough to share with others what he learns along the way. So I was tickled to join him on the second season of his popular on-going weekly video podcast interview series called 2Techies, in which he interviews others involved in tech communities.

See it here, or watch it below with a few notes from our conversation.

Here are a few notes from our conversation:

  • I didn’t approach as someone who loves technology. I approached it as a journalist interested in people and communities.
  • It’s always a good time to pivot, in the simplest sense of the word. With a young company, follow where your best customers tell you to go. Be as honest as you can.
  • For hiring diverse talent, focus on your finalists, rather than forcing a finalist decision. If you don’t see diversity in your talent pipeline, that’s where you need to work.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a terrifying and thrilling experience.
  • Michael asked me to give him a word that means a lot to me. I told him “thoughtful.”

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