My 2017 Resolutions

My resolutions this year are taking a more personal tone.

  • January: Say No — Drop projects, protect my time.
  • February: Read WOC Monthly — I’ll pursue writers of color I don’t know well yet.
  • March: Recommit to Duolingo — I want to return to the Spanish language learning tool I’ve enjoyed.
  • April: Published Project — I have a pair of writing projects I want to push forward.
  • May: Max my investments — I need to get smart about how I invest, dropping stocks and options and go more traditional. I’m feeling the retirement planning bug, even if I’m 35 years from there.
  • June: Domestic trip — Keep the tradition alive.
  • July: Launch a Product — I want to learn about launching a prototype.
  • August: International trip — Where to this year?
  • September: Story Shuffle Podcast — I will do something with the storytelling event I’ve hosted for years.
  • October: Newsletter Growth — I’m playing with a personal newsletter, now I want to expand who is reading it.
  • November: Finish Basement Plan — Let’s do something with my big empty basement.
  • December: Host Family Christmas — Wouldn’t that be nice?

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