Archna Sahay, Uri Pierre Noel, Christopher Wink and El Sawyer at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival in August 2016

Listen to my recording at the 4th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival

Since May 2010, I’ve organized a regular storytelling event among friends called Story Shuffle. Each of the last four years I’ve brought a few of my friends together to record a Story Shuffle during the Philadelphia Podcast Festival.

It happened again.

The event is organized by Nathan Kuruna, an audiophile and photographer — the above photo and these on Facebook (all podfest photos from him here) are from him via his Click Save Photography shop, so give him a look. Earlier this month, the fourth annual was held in part at Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse in Kensington.

Below listen to the stories I told on Saturday, Aug. 20 with my friends startup savant Archna Sahay, art curator Uri Pierre Noel and documentarian El Sawyer.

The theme of our stories was Bubbles. My story was about a tough but beloved early boss of mine in the first construction job I ever had. I only found out after I told this story that he passed on in 2014.

Here is the recording.


Listen here

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