Listen to this small business podcast interview with me

PR shop 2820 Press founder Joe Taylor Jr. hosts a podcast with small business owners called the Build.He invited me on.

I talked about the beginning of Technically Media and about my perspective on journalism and its role in our work. It’s an hour-long conversation you can find here.

Below are some highlights I shared:

  1. It matters more what you do your company’s name than what it actually is. So don’t stress too much. Pick the name, get the domain and build.
  2. Have a personal goal. It’s vital to have a company mission and brand meaning, but you need to know what keeps you motivated.
  3. Just start. Try as many little experiments as you can.
  4. Learn however you can. Our reporting on entrepreneurs helpe us develop far faster as small business owners.
  5. Be intentional with the traditions you savor. We picked what from journalism we wanted to retain. Then we built on it: our reporting is accurate, Relevant and Productive — the last of which is unique to us.
  6. If you aren’t reading anything negative about your community, you’re being lied to. Anything else are “dangerous tricks of dis-clusion”
  7. What’s your brand promise? For us, our intention is for you to read us and say “ah that’s interesting.” That taking a moment is rewiring something, it’s inspiration or learning. At its best, local news is approachable and attainable.

I’ve also archived the audio of the podcast here. Listen below.


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