My proudest professional outcomes of 2015

I want to keep developing as a small business owner and leader.

That’s why I keep track of my professional goals each year — in addition to personal resolutions. This past year was no different. Most of those goals involve my company Technically Media but not all.

Below see what I’m most proud of having accomplished in 2015. team at Philly Tech Week 2015 kickoff at Dilworth Park team at Philly Tech Week 2015 kickoff at Dilworth Park team at NET/WORK Philly in February 2015. team at NET/WORK Philly in February 2015.

I also had some on-going efforts in 2015 that made me proud:

  • stakeholder meetings: We brought together small groups of leaders in our respective communities and pulled out the clearest thread of conversation, from the changing epicenter of tech in Brooklyn to how Delaware is raising its standards to DC wanting more depth.
  • Doing Innovation Awards right: I’ve always resisted our hosting awards because they so often become meaningless pay-to-play or simple popularity contests. From our first ever in Brooklyn and Delaware, and the best version yet in Baltimore (and one I led for the Philly journalism club Pen and Pencil), we took nominees and curated thorough lists, to then allow for public voting.
  • Putting together Innovation Maps: This year we took on the very challenging effort of mapping out where tech and innovation happens in our communities. There was lots of conversation following their publishing — here is Baltimore’s.

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