Snowpocalypse: here’s a flowchart on whether you can park your car

Parking in the snow in dense urban neighborhoods is always a testy issue. People have strong opinions about whether you can use a chair to reserve a spot or swipe another’s — legal or not. Thankfully I sold my car last year, but I’m still a sucker for life hacks for city living.

Considering it’s something that happens in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia and likely anywhere else where great urbanism means parking is limitless, we need better agreement of what’s proper etiquette. Here’s my take, built on some thoughts I shared back in 2010.

In the grand tradition of creating some normalcy ahead of a snow storm in the U.S. Northeast, here is the thought process that goes through my head whenever I do find myself parking a car in a city neighborhood after a snow storm. I know, this is a pretty ugly flow chart, but it’s just for the basics. (Hey, if any graphic designers want to collaborate and make a far better version, email me, I’d love to hear your ideas and share mine!)

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