My testimony to Philadelphia City Council on tech business growth

To set up a Philadelphia City Council hearing on tech business that Philly organized with Councilman David Oh for Philly Tech Week, I gave a short testimony to committee.

Watch the full 90-minute hearing, including mine below. The goal was to better familiarize council with tech business. We organized something similar in Baltimore.

My testimony:

  • In the 1990s, scalable tech companies moved to pursue investment capital. Today, companies pursue talent and investment pursues companies — this is putting new tech in urban environments.
  • Satellite offices: Nutter administration has worked well with bringing in large firms to open satellite offices in Center City to serve as gateways to talent and city commerce.
  • Taxes: this still is a conversation we have with entrepreneurs.
  • Schools: Education is increasingly on the mind of entrepreneurs
  • 5100 regional technology businesses, 500 of which in the city.
  • I previewed our survey data.

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