Don’t take that next photo you plan to

Though the web is growing as an extension of our own memories, digital technology is making media creation so easy that we’re burdening ourselves with internet clutter.

As using social networks and making photos and video become a new form of applause to interact with what’s around you, it becomes more challenging and so more important to think about experiencing the moment.

When I am seeing a new place or having a fun experience I’ll want to revisit, I try to limit how often I use my mobile device to supplement my real life. I was so impressed Jeffrey Stockbridge, and other photographers, describe their work as “making a photo,” rather than “taking” one. That difference may extend the point.

One thought on “Don’t take that next photo you plan to”

  1. Yeah, I think about this a lot, like, “What’s the use in documenting something if it’s taking away from my actually experiencing it?” Also, because I take photos as a part of my job, I feel like I “cover” events instead of getting the joy of simply experiencing them. So when I’m away from work, I tend not to want to take photos as much. Either that, or I take them out of habit and then think: “Wait, I’m not at work. Put your camera phone away.”

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