3 themes of the Millennial generation

As part of a Philadelphia magazine issue on the ‘Millenial’ generation, I was interviewed in a Center City coffee shop by Nick Vadala, the bright, bearded and 20-something magazine contributor who was a former intern of mine at Technically Philly.

He was asking me about trends in our generation’s employment goals, and I found myself saying that we seemed defined (and work) by three themes, which made it into his nut graf but isn’t online yet so I wanted to share here.


  • the maturation of the web — our work and our personal lives are defined by Internet culture and its impact.
  • the recession and our changing relationship with work — the real change in employment and our awareness of it has spawned an entirely different set of goals.
  • new urbanism and cities — a move back to the cities will either be a generation defining movement or simply another trend, but whatever the case, it’s shaping our moves at the moment.

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