5 transit ideas I want all cities to embrace

I like cities and I like transit.

Rapid transit bus lines — Create dedicated or preferential transit lines for buses and use sensors to change traffic lights to give mass transit preference. The mayor of Rio has talked about rolling an effort like this. With faster, more reliable buses, this becomes a more palatable transit option.

Motorcycle ambulances (and a volunteer support network) to speed up our frightening response time. Can we work on the union battle keeping the merging of fire and EMS?

Bicycle takeover — Despite those who bicyclists as a fringe activity, the promotion of a healthier population, in addition to the congestion and environmental factors, give plenty of reason to make it easier and easier for people to decide to bike. This is particularly so in Philadelphia, which has the largest bicycle population of the 10 largest U.S. cities and one of the highest percentage of female riders in the country. That doesn’t mean we should ignore cars, as they’re not going away and we’ll likely continue to make strides in more efficient vehicles.

Single-dig legislation — If we’re going to dig up our roads, the value of burying electric lines, the future goals of ultra high speed broadband infrastructure should be kept in mind.

Water taxi — Uhm, I just think this is cool and am always impressed by the Baltimore Harbor taxi system, including a free weekday commuter option. Why not find other ways to make use of waterways.


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