Best of Philly and Best of Baltimore honoree:

Both Technically Philly and Technically Baltimore were honored in the prestigious annual ‘Best of’ lists from their respective city magazines this year. It’s really validating and rewarding to get nods in two different cities from prestigious city magazines. Philly earned a big billing for our annual Philly Tech Week.

Best of Philly Smart Fun — Philly Tech Week: This weeklong April fest — with robotics events, app-development workshops and the planet’s most humongous Pong game (this year played on the 29-story Cira Centre) — has become our favorite way to get our nerd on. If only it happened more than once a year. Geeks, dweebs and dorks, unite! Baltimore got a shout out for its dedicated daily coverage (and was ensnared in a full disclosure skirmish):

Best of Baltimore Geek Speak — Baltimore: Started in 2012, Baltimore is a daily online news site that covers, in general, how technology is making Baltimore a better place. Baltimore is certainly not Silicon Valley, but it’s not just mobile advertising giant Millennial Media either. Baltimore did a five-part series on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, which privacy and civil liberties groups have railed against for some time. They also did a two-part piece on Western High School’s RoboDoves, the all-female robotics team that competed in the world robotics championships in April.

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