My personal 2012 Resolutions

Let’s look at the next year and remember last year by way of 12 months of goals. See my professional goals for 2012 here.

2012 Resolutions

  • JANUARY: Do food better –whole wheat pasta; every other fries/chips; less food waste; new food each month; buy new types of food each month from the supermarket.
  • FEBRUARY: House stuff — Photos on stairway; Linen closet; bedroom bookcase; basement reclamation; Clean out closet/clothes, and donate unused
  • MARCH: Be funnier — Do another standup open mic; Tell a new joke each week
  • APRIL: Be fitter — Prepare for the Broad Street Run, do 10 pushups everyday, push for more basketball and running.
  • MAY: Write more creatively — Complete a finely, polished short story and set it aside for a new one; do this multiple times. Put together the story arc for a screenplay. Participate in a Story Slam
  • JUNE: Smaller memorable trips — Take a helicopter ride and weekend trips.
  • JULY: International Trip — Get abroad, meeting a goal of at least one global trip every year so long as I can afford it.
  • AUGUST: Domestic Trips — Visit my sister and go somewhere I’ve never been before in the country.
  • SEPTEMBER: Big Philly Things to Do — City Hall peak tour; Quaker meeting house; Girard Trolley to the Zoo; join the neighborhood Compost Co-op
  • OCTOBER: Speak smarter — Always speak slower, be more to the point, talk less, particularly in interviews and swear less.
  • NOVEMBER: Play some music — learn to play a single song on the guitar
  • DECEMBER:  Improve your finances — Max out Roth IRA, put some in a traditional IRA, refinance mortgage to 15-year, have more than $5,000 in my savings account (with goal of having a six-month emergency fund), too; Have paid down my student loans to perhaps be finalized in 2013; Donate to a charity; donate to This American Life.

Review of 2011 and such below.

Cool stuff I did this year not part my resolutions below:

How did I do on my 2011 Resolutions?

  1. JANUARY: Record my experiences — That means journaling privately at least once a month and returning to chasing this List of mine.
  2. FEBRUARY: Firmly plant my home — Drivers license, car insurance, license plates and the rest have all been transferred to my Fishtown home, in addition to better furnishing and bringing everything to my house. Feels like home.
  3. MARCH: New meals Monthly — While not always faithful, I’ve done some new cooking, including sushi and chocolate banana beer bread.
  4. APRIL: Basement clean out — My basement is as clean as I’ve ever had it.
  5. MAY: Organized Health — I played dodgeball and, while the Broad Street Run was sold out, I did play lots of basketball, including a tournament, and did some running.
  6. JUNE: Upstairs direction — I have some bathroom direction and linen closet and bookshelf movement, though I haven’t finished painting.
  7. JULY: International trip — Ireland!
  8. AUGUST: Road trip — Utah and Colorado!
  9. SEPTEMBER: Philly transportation basics — I did the El and the Ben Franklin Bridge, though still haven’t made it on a trolley.
  10. OCTOBER: Stand-up Comedy — I finally made it onto a stage here.
  11. NOVEMBER: Take part in National Novel Writing Month — I did some writing and have something of a story together, but I can’t say I really rocked this out.
  12. DECEMBER: Finish lingering scrapbooks — Bleh, I made some progress, but I need to finish this in 2012.

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