Philly Tech Week April 22-28, 2012: seeking anchor organizers and sponsors for second annual festival

The second annual Philly Tech Week will take place April 22-28, 2011, as we announced on Technically Philly recently.

We unveiled our media kit, made impressively by my colleague Brian James Kirk, which you can see here.

The open calendar of events was first held this past April, attracting more than 4,000 people attended at least one of 65 events held throughout the city and surrounding counties during the inaugural celebration. See my roundup of the event series impact here.

The week was officially endorsed and recognized by City Council. A major public-private partnership launched an Open Data repository for the city and Councilman Bill Green unveiled a 10-point plan for improved government transparency through technology. Startups launched during the week, video games were unveiled and educators held the first Robotics Expo in the city.

With more than 50 press hits across newspapers, radio, television and blogs, the week also became an enormous opportunity for the partners involved in making it happen. The week’s 35 sponsors and more than 50 event organizers were able to put their message and organizations in front of 30,000 unique visitors of Philly Tech Week web properties. They were included in the 5,000 print publications distributed in 50 retailers across the city. And they were able to align with the 1,000 social media messages that spanned the event.

This year, April 23-28, 2012, Philly Tech Week will be bigger year’s event, it is expected that more events will be organized with lessons learned from last year, the programming will be made stronger and its impact greater.

We hope to prove true this year’s theme: to make a better Philadelphia through technology. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

To learn more, check out the event’s media kit here to learn why Philly Tech Week is so important to the region, and get involved by either organizing an event [] or sponsoring the week [] to connect with the region’s growing community.

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