Art and Technology: moderating City of Philadelphia Creative Economy panel

What are examples of ways artists can leverage technology and how might the Philadelphia artistic community differentiate itself that way were topics of conversation during a panel discussion I moderated Tuesday night.

Held by Creative Philadelphia, the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, in its gallery space at City Hall, I was charged with leading the Art and Technology event programming, our three presenters and moderating questions afterward. As anyone who knows me knows, my utility was more Technically Philly’s coverage of the intersection of arts and technology than any discernible artistic ability I might have.

I kicked off the night by offering some examples of organizations and institutions doing interesting things, as covered by TP or participating in Philly Tech Week. I then handed off to our far more competent and capable panel members.

The event was live streamed here. Some photos here. See my slides below.

Thanks much to Gary, Moira, Josh, Jeff and the staff at Creative Philadelphia for putting this, the first in a forthcoming series of events, together and for including me.

One thought on “Art and Technology: moderating City of Philadelphia Creative Economy panel”

  1. Art or music hack days would be great! I participated in a Music Hack Day in San Francisco a few weeks ago and it was a blast to be working with so many musically skilled programmers (and technically skilled musicians).

    I can’t really speak for the art scene, but I know we have great professional music programs at curtis, temple, and u arts.. it would be great to get them involved them in the tech scene and open them to new creative possibilities. I really wish I had these opportunities to learn about different music technology when I was a music student in college.

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