Cancel your meetings: TEDx Midwest talk on on workplace management from Jason Fried

I’m always interested in workflow management. How can I, and the people around me, become more efficient, to get more and better work done in more condensed periods of time.

Real work flow is developed over time and with people whose work ethic you respect. But there are concepts to be had about getting that to work from the start. After moving into office space with Technically Media and working alongside my two colleagues so closely more often than ever before, I have been hunting for new ideas to bring to the process.

I came across a great TED talk from Jason Fried, one of the founders of web development firm 37signals, who was responsible for a great book with simple take aways on best business practices.

Three of his clearest points are ones that I like and have already played a role:

  1. No talk Thursdays — Just pick one day a week or a month, or a portion of one day a week when no one can speak to anyone or ask any questions. Just get shit done.
  2. Passive communication — Don’t forget the real power of email, that you can ping someone about something and he can get back to you on his schedule, not interrupt what he is doing. Talking is for creative development, not simple questions.
  3. Cancel your meetings — Limit the time suck of meaningless meetings. Have an agenda, get through your points, assign relevance and move on.

Check out the video below.

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