Philly Tech Week: introducing event series growing innovation impact

PHILADELPHIA — Regional technology news site Technically Philly has announced today that it is organizing the first ever Philly Tech Week to be held across the Philadelphia area April 25-30, 2011.

Philly Tech Week will be a week-long celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia. The annual week of events is intended to grow the impact of this innovative region through programming focused on technology, collaboration and improving Philadelphia

The inaugural week takes place April 25th to April 30th and will feature events from partners like The Franklin Institute, Independents Hall and First Round Capital.

Specific events will include a new iteration of Switch Philly, a tech startup demo event to be held at the Wharton School of Business on Tuesday, April 26, and the third annual BarCamp NewsInnovation.

Philly Tech Week is organized by technology news site Technically Philly, which is published by Technically Media Inc. The Philly Tech Week website, which also officially launched today, was designed and developed by Jarvus, the Northern Liberties-based web firm.

About Technically Philly
Technically Philly launched on Feb. 9, 2009 in response to the Philadelphia region’s maturing Web-based creative economies. The news site cover the trends and the news that affects, the people who participate in and the events that include this growing technology community.

The news site publishes daily with updates, profiles, reviews and listings. It follows technology-involved government policy, social organizations, venues, venture capital companies, startups, design firms and media in the broad region.

Technically Philly is published by Technically Media Inc.

About Technically Media
Technically Media Inc. is a media services consultancy for the next news ecosystem. Our clients are traditional media and business and nonprofit content creators, in addition to publishing niche orientated online news sites, including most prominently Technically Philly. Put simply: we build audiences that organizations can convert into donors, customers and supporters.

Our mission is empowering, expanding and bolstering new and existing content creators and instilling an understanding of authentic audience growth with journalistic ethics of transparency. At heart, we are journalists.

Based in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Technically Media was founded in February 2009 by Sean Blanda, Brian James Kirk and Christopher Wink.

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