Technically Media Inc.: introducing a media services consultancy

Simply put, we build audiences.

At the beginning of December, I left another role and promised greater details on what I would doing. Here’s a start.

In the past few weeks, I’ve chosen a payroll services company, applied for tax status, requested a business operating license, closed an existing account and otherwise finalized the incorporation of a new business, of which I am now a full-time employee, answering early a resolution of mine.

Technically Media Inc. is a media services consultancy with three founders: Sean Blanda, Brian James Kirk and myself.

And, while I could get you lost in the details, all you really need to know that at its simplest form, we build audiences online.

What that means:

Technically Media Elevator Pitch

“Technically Media works with nonprofits, businesses and other organizations to grow audience online, by way of meaningful multimedia content.

Rather than wait for a newspaper to write about your organization, we’ll work with your staff to launch a blog, news site or some other platform and create meaningful mission-orientated content where you can grow your own audience of interested readers who can be converted to supporters, volunteers, donors, clients, customers and friends.

  • We work with nonprofits, businesses, organizations and existing media companies to create workflow, review management, platform and promotion for using content to grow an audience online.
  • Build an audience and turn them into supporters, donors, customers, and clients.
  • This is a journalism conversation — We think the future of news and information dissemination will involve mission-orientated nonprofits and other organizations.

Examples of this work:

  • Technically Philly — Technically Media publishes this technology news site that first brought the three of us together. (Previous to our recent incorporation, TM was a general partnership.)
  • The National Constitution Center — Before Christmas, we launched Constitution Daily, a blog platform through which the major Philadelphia-based museum and event space will grow its reputation with meaningful content related to its mission. We will continue working with the NCC in 2011.
  • Back on My Feet — In my role with this nonprofit, I created its media department, including helping to launch a platform and create workflow and content for a blog that drives audience around its members, organization and mission.
  • Philadelphia Sports Daily — We launched the basic platform, workflow and technology behind the region’s fastest growing comprehensive sports news site. We are still offering services and direction.
  • Circulation — On our TM website, we’re playing with content and editorial experimentation on a blog. See the landing page of the former version of this site here.

Get in touch if you want to hear more.

I’ll be writing plenty more on this site about the content strategy movement happening across the country and our particular interest in editorial strategy.