Appearance on 900AM WURD Carole’s Technology Corner

With Stephanie L. Lowe during a commercial break of Carole I Smith's Technology Corner show on 900AM WURD, Dec. 30, 2009

After the unfortunate passing of the show’s host earlier this month, I may have been on one of the last episodes of Carole’s Technology Corner, a trend radio program broadcast weekly on 900AM WURD in Philadelphia.

On Dec. 30, 2009, I took the 15 minute walk from my home in Fishtown to the Penn Treaty Park complex near the Delaware River and into the station’s third floor studio, as another show closed before 7 p.m.

The topic was national technology trends in 2009, though I was there on behalf of Technically Philly, which focuses on regional creative economies. The show’s host and the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Commission on Technology Carole Smith was unable to attend. Indeed, in the following weeks she’d pass at 67 after battling pancreatic cancer, so I was the sole guest of sit-in host Stephanie L. Lowe.

Below, listen to the program, including some thoughts on the gadget and communications stories of the year and discussion about TP’s revenue and News Inkubator. (Ignore the first 30-seconds of filler intro music)

Listen here.

You can also watch below a portion of the show.

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