2010 House Resolutions

Like my personal resolutions, I’m also setting up month-by-month priorities for my moving and developing my new worn house into a home.

  1. JANUARY: Finish my office and bedroom — spackle, patch and paint
  2. FEBRUARY: Finish the back bedroom for renting — spackle, patch, paint and fix closet
  3. MARCH: Massively overhaul kitchen — with help, total renovation
  4. APRIL: Move furniture and other extra materials from dad’s house to mine
  5. MAY: Update dining room — sand, spackle, patch, paint, new light fixture
  6. JUNE: Replace windows — with energy efficient models
  7. JULY: Siding, roof and gutters
  8. AUGUST: Living room — sand, spackle, patch, paint and decorate
  9. SEPTEMBER: Host a housewarming; Seal and clean front of house
  10. OCTOBER: Basement — organize, create workshop and laundry space, clean and partially finish
  11. NOVEMBER: Bathroom — complete renovation
  12. DECEMBER: Hardwood floors

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