CityPaper: Million Little Stories on Popporn adult film

Tonight I’ll be in attendance at something of a unique event: an adult film world premiere.

I briefed the event for the Philadelphia CityPaper in today’s edition [third item down].

The porn was written by two Philadelphia marketing executives who also lead, which describes itself as “an adult entertainment blog. We are not a news site as we typically get the news and the details about the news factually wrong on purpose to amuse ourselves. With that being said, do you have some news?”

I liked their story and am interested in something of a followup. But first tonight, which assures to be an interesting evening.

This is one of  a few adult stories buzzing around me. After profiling young porn phenom and South Philly girl Stoya, I’ve worked on this  piece, was asked to file something on a $10,000 grand prize G-String event — though the PR agent pulled out on the story because of “overwhelming interest already,” and I would have gotten to see a big star — and am in talks about something related to another gentleman’s club opening up.

I don’t think this is what I meant when discussing a niche.

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