Care about the future of news? then go to the national BarCamp NewsInnovation conference

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In launching, co-founders Sean Blanda, Brian James Kirk and I lamented that despite encompassing the fourth largest media market in the country, being its most historic and one of its more culturally impactful cities, Philadelphia wasn’t often the home of important tech conferences or part of broader discussions.

Despite also being home to major universities and sitting in the middle of a confluence of other important urban centers like D.C., Baltimore, New York, Pittsburgh and Boston.

So, when Jason Kristufek led the push to hold several regional and then a national BarCamp for NewsInnovation, I was thrilled that Blanda took control of the situation like the great leader he is, and brought the national version to Philly, specifically Temple University.

If you’re a tech-head or a news hound or anyone who cares about the future of news gathering and dissemination, the Fourth Estate or the protection and defense of democracy, I certainly hope you will sign up to attend even some of the FREE national BarCamp NewsInnovation to held be held all day this Saturday, April 25.

Representatives from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Daily News, the Washington Post, the Harrisburg Patriot News, GateHouse Media, in addition to Pulitzer Prize winners, entrepreneurs, independent and freelance journalists, young and old, optimistic and pessimistic — they’ll all be there for the open form event. Many of the more than 300 confirmed attendees will planning their own sessions and explaining their take on the future of news.

Even if you don’t think you have anything to add, this is too important an event not to come. People from as far as Florida, and Oregon, California and New England are all coming. So why aren’t you?

Bar Camps have gotten lots of love, particularly the news innovation focused ones, from places like San Francisco, New York and elsewhere. Now Philly has its place in helping to foster a broader conversation.

I also wrote about this for uwishunu.

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