The pros and cons of my freelancing career

It’s important to know why we freelance. Knowing what’s good and what’s bad helps you decide if this crummy world is where you want to be.

First, the reasons I love freelancing. Pros:

  • No alarm clocks
  • No commute
  • Make your own schedule
  • Choose your assignments
  • Writing off part of rent, utilities and other expenses
  • Learn to challenge and motive oneself
  • Develop a richer collection of sources
  • The value of developing small-business skills
  • Working for various publications
  • Work on side projects
  • I always look forward to the next day

Below, see some of the reasons I’ve found someone might not want to freelance.


  • No regular salary
  • No regular salary
  • No editor challenging you to improve your writing
  • No regular salary
  • No traditional access to health benefits
  • Investigative or otherwise involved, longer-form pieces can become cost-prohibitive
  • Learning basic tax code, statuses and such
  • Having to keep organized business records
  • No regular salary
  • Marketing yourself, directing yourself, motivating yourself
  • No 5 p.m. whistle; where does the work day stop?
  • Cabin fever
  • A personal e-mail and cell phone doesn’t always carry a sense of authenticity
  • Lonely office
  • No regular salary

This list helps make me certain this is where I want to be, hope they help you.

What am I missing, though? What makes you like it, or keep you from doing it? I want this list to grow.

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