How valuable are your skills?: newspapers weren't ready for their deserted island

You ever wonder just how valuable your skills are?

So much of what we do and learn is designed for something we manufactured and to which we subscribe ourselves.

If you were deserted on an island, what would your professional skills or personal interests do for your survival?

Perhaps writing would be good for a return (sell that book idea), but not much for making certain you would make a return. Perhaps, though, the curiosity and learning and reporting of a journalist could have some practical purpose.

I imagine learning something that might help you in a situation of self-protection is most worth your time.

Newspapers were long caught up in their trade, not skills that would help them survive. They sold more newspapers, but they didn’t continue to develop their product. They were caught up in the narrowest of skill-sets, not the broadest ones of self-survival.

What skills do you have to survive in whatever setting you’d like – deserted island or suddenly hostile business environment? Could you survive with the skills you’re so keen on developing?

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