Why all journalists should use syndicated feeds

What do you use for syndicated RSS or atom feeds?

If you are a journalist, blogger or news gatherer of any kind, you ought to have an answer.

Abandoning your browser and instead using a Web-based news aggregator can help you more efficiently consume the Internet. So, instead of chasing down top news, have the latest headlines immediately update in one place, right to you.

I use Google Reader, based in my Gmail account. I rave about the opportunities reader offer a journalist – though I recently offered what I thought is lacking about that and other Google properties – largely because it was the first personal aggregator that developed the opportunity to share your favorite feed items with friends or colleagues.

That means if I have 50 feeds in my reader, and I have nine friends who do the same, I can even more easily find and read the most interesting or pertinent or varied news or information from 500 sources. The value for a journalist is apparent.

But, if you find a preference with Bloglines, Rojo, even iGoogle or another, the most important concept is bringing content of the Internet to you. Don’t keep cluttered bookmarks, or memorize all your favorite sites. Instead, important syndicated feeds from your favorite newspapers, blogs, magazines and other sites and when you have time, breeze through the Internet on your own terms.

There are two popular syndicated-feed types, RSS and Atom, with little difference for practical purposes, so many aggreagators, like Google Reader, can handle both.

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