Will the Philadelphia Inquirer Harrisburg bureau get trimmed?

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are officially sharing content, according to Editor & Publisher.

Inquirer Editor William Marimow and Post-Gazette Editor David Shribman confirmed that they have been swapping daily budgets since Jan. 29, the latest example of the ever-growing trend of newspapers with no common ownership or JOA trading news.

“We exchange budgets and except for the most highly-competitive stories, we will be sharing,” said Marimow. “You will see more Pittsburgh Post-Gazette bylines and photos in the Inquirer.” [Source]

What does that mean for the paper’s Harrisburg statehouse bureas, where the Inquirer has three staffers who also upkeep a blog and the Post-Gazette has two, investigative and daily-focused reporters.

Seems like another sadly, but likely spot for collusion and staff reductions.

Image from Barack Obama.com.

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