Online newspaper revenue model links

In the past week or so I came across a number of interesting or at least interest-causing posts on newspaper revenue models and thought I’d share some.

Did Ad Standards Kill the Online Ad Business? by All Things Digital

What the journalism industry can learn from the U.S. Army by 10,000 Words

10 Reasons why online news sites suck by 10,000 Words

NY Times: Please open the TimesSelect books by Jeff Jarvis – Talk has been revived on New York Times limiting online access to its content, Jarvis wants to see the details of the NYT first unsuccessful attempt with the paywall.

Lock Up Is Stu on to Something Big? by Stu Bykofsky – I thought we were done with this conversation but a Philadelphia Daily News columnist asks for the Philadelphia daily newspapers to think about content paywall online.

Which comes first, the product or the marketing? by Seth Godin – This isn’t specifically about newspapers, but some lessons might be learned from the marketing side of business.

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