My Lifestream: Everything I do online in one place, here

My FriendFeed has made it to this site.

This will interest a very small portion of my very small readership, but it’s Sunday, so I’m OK with that.

In my About section, I have added a Lifestream, via my FriendFeed. For those who understandably don’t know what the Hell that means, well, just about everything I could ever do online is automatically generated in one place. That way you can follow me in multiple platforms. …For both legitimate and illegitimate purposes.

Lifestreaming got hot early in 2008, and I’m only jumping on now, which is fitting (more on that in future posts). Lots of folks I know feature Lifestreams on their Web sites, most of them smarter than I am, so I decided to finally jump on after reading a post on Mashable and saw how much further people were taking Lifestreams.

The least I could was tuck my FriendFeed here, right? I mostly ignore it altogether, to be honest, although doing this reminded me there are some obvious services I can’t put a feed in, like any Wikipedia editing I do.

This comes days after a whole new section – my Services – came on board. Boy, is getting a real shine now that I’m a “freelance journalist,” eh?

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