One year anniversary of

Today is the one-year anniversary of this site.

Yes, you may use the comments section to review some of your favorite moments, most of which I will assume brought you to tears.

If you can’t do that on your own, I’ll help you out, mostly because we all know I would.

How about the best posts on I know, I’m doing the hard work for you because, um, that would be like you choosing between your children.

The criteria for becoming among the three best posts on – in case you are hopeful for the future – is as follows: 19 percent for hits; 15 percent comments; 6 percent for archivability and 60 percent for my own baseless delusions.

  1. History will tell: the great newspaper bubble of the 20th century 02Jul08
  2. Philadelphia foods: The ones you know and those you don’t 27Oct08
  3. Lessons from WDSTL: podcasting, travel blogging, exploring 24Nov08
  4. Inquirer: Front page story on Harrisburg citizen activists 29Jul08
  5. I have 400 Facebook friends: What I’ve learned 18Aug08
  6. Journalism Tool box: What every young journalist needs 13Oct08
  7. A reporter, a journalist and a correspondent walk into a bar 24Oct08

If you’re a journalist, young or old, or have any interest in media or any other industry that makes your name your brand, why don’t you have a domain or a blog? Take control of Web searches for your name. This is basic stuff in today’s journalist tool box.

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