Patriot-News: Pennsylvania Cable Network breakout box

I had a story on the Pennsylvnia Cable Network (PCN) in the Patriot-News two weeks ago. Here is some extra information that didn’t make it into the Sunday story.

  • More than 10 million Pennsylvanians in 3.3. million homes on 150 cable systems can watch PCN.
  • PCN has a $4.5 million operating budget and a 34-person staff.
  • PCN is funded entirely by the participating Pennsylvania cable TV companies, private underwriting and a small sales operation. PCN receives no state or federal funds.
  • In February 2004, PCN opened its renovated and drastically enlarged Camp Hill headquarters – a 21,000-square-foot office, studio and technical facility that works in partnership with single-person bureaus in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to cover the entire Commonwealth.
  • Twenty-five other states have public affairs stations. Most are funded by their respective state legislatures. “With all due humility, we are miles ahead of them” Lockman said.
  • PCN President and CEO Brian Lockman, who came on in late 2004, was one of four original employees of C-SPAN.
  • Since August 1996, PCN has had responsibility of all its content, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • “We’re the roadblock now, instead of the pipeline,” without using the Web, CEO Lockman said, admitting to having “skimped” on Web site development.
  • Each week, PCN airs more than 100 hours of public affairs programming, including legislative session, hearings, press conferences and speeches.
  • PCN has access to film the state Superior Court and, since 2006, the Commonwealth Court, but not the state Supreme Court.

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