Check me out on MySpace: why I am selling out

As of last week, Chris Wink is on MySpace.

The first comment I got came from one of my oldest friends: “Wow, you are Sellout Central recently!” Surely noting my July foray into Facebook and other social networking experiences of late. I was a long hold out, interested in their function but critical of their effects and bored with their benefits.

Brian James Kirk, a journalist I know, has a MySpace page that ranks higher in Google searches than his Web site or other professional work. Such a frustration can cause “brain hemorrhaging.” That’s for sure, which is why many people hide or at least veil their identities, particularly on MySpace – the creepiest of all social networking for anyone over 16.

But my argument is that young people looking for jobs – particularly those looking in media fields, need to be everywhere online. I’ve decided it behooves me to be familiar – beyond just name – with all these sites, applications and trends, even if that means risking being labeled a social media diva. My over-saturation isn’t an attempt at e-fame but rather the consolidation of them all. All of these sites – see a list at bottom – push to this Web site, an attempt at taking complete control of branding my name.

Some rag on Facebook and criticize MySpace even more heavily for being giants in the ideally niche world of social networking. They say sites like Ning, on which Wired Journalists is based, better serve users.

I really don’t care. This is my answer to the friend who, after declining to be a MySpace friend of mine because she thought it weird that – after years of abstaining from these sites – I have joined them all asked me in an e-mail, “what are you doing?”

In my mind, I see every damn social utility there is as an attempt to jam the frequency as it were for other Christopher Winks or anyone else who might steal my online presence. I have long been in competition with the founder of the Blue Man Group, also named Christopher Wink. But now, the top ten google search items of that name brings just one for this other chap. Other than my site, things like my pages on LinkedIn, Wired Journalists, Facebook, Friend Feed, even the Internet radio site Pandora, help render me being the only Christopher Wink any potential employer need worry about.

Considering I check these sites sparingly, and only when I find myself with a little downtime, I think the reward is extreme. My MySpace page will help me with that.

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